Saturday, May 19, 2007

Love it or hate it?

Shopping for clothes.

Love it or hate it?

This is the time of year where the reckoning happens - did you splurge during the winter and pack on the hibernating insulation or did you stand firm against all the festive feasts?


I enjoyed the egg nogs, oreos, lasagnas and birthday cakes. I am well insulated, thank you.

Unfortunately, it also drove me to the stores where I had to face the truth. Fitting room mirrors don't allow me to rationalize the extra cookie showing up on my hips or the new jiggle juggle that used to be steady as a rock. Yep, now it's rock n' roll.

I tried on scores of outfits - some of which someone more nefarious than the Grinch switched the bottom half with a size larger than the top and marked hanger indicated which left me having to go back and pick out another set again and again - yep, I got burned more than twice with that scam.
I finally found a something that fit. I was shopping for FIVE hours and only found four outfits.
Think about it; five hours of traveling, gas, looking, trying on and all I got was four outfits? And a sore knee? OUCH
The average of time versus procurement, in a word, sucks.

Today however was a treat.
In 25 minutes I found six pair of shoes!!
Three white, two black and one hot fushia pink.
On sale.

Can we say "happy" ??

My answer to the question: "I hate shopping. "

Therefore, I go all gung-ho and get it ALL done in one fell swoop, if possible, never to deal or think about it for another whole year.

If I'd stuck to my resolution ( remember, I only made two?) this wouldn't have come to pass but getting old sucks too because your metabolism slows down - which compounds the problem - even though the enjoyment of food doesn't stop.

But that's a whole other issue .....
*double sigh*

Soooo, What's your vote? Yea or Nay?


Brandy said...

You dare ask this question after I spent almost 2 hours trying on bras today? Only to find out I went up a cup size, which pleased Chris to no end, but leaves me wondering where did it come from? Because I didn't go up a clothes size. Are they changing bra sizing now?
Congratulations on the 6 pair of shoes and 4 outfits! Be proud of me in the past 2 days I've bought 2 bras, 1 nightgown, and a jean skirt! AND got 30% off the 2 bras and the nightgown! AND the skirt was $18 marked down from $30! BUT, I much prefer shopping for the kids, or Chris. I want pictures of the outfits and shoes, with you in them! Because I bet you're gonna look fantastic!

Michele said...

Ack! You wanne me break your computer?
You SURE you want pics? CAn't I just show the shoes in the pics?

My DH would do the happy tappy too if I went up a bra size. Heck I would too. Those Champange glasses are WAY over rated. *snicker*

OH! Oh!! Forget Champange glasses, Give me a Brandy Snifter anytime wait..that's CHRIS'S line.
Oh, I just crack me up. *wink*

Tempest Knight said...

Good thing I live in a tropical island. heh! I can wear the same clothes all year long.

Dru said...

I hate clothes shopping. I hate mirrors in the dressing room. I hate shopping.

WTG on finding 6 pairs of shoes in under 30 minutes. Did you get them all from the same store?

I hope you have a good Sunday.

Brandy said...

Brandy snifter! HA! Very funny. *g* So, what did your Dh think of your new purchases?

Melissa said...

It depends on the day and time and what i have to buy whether i hate shopping or not. I'm currently on a diet so I don't have to buy new clothes for the RWA conference in July! So I guess right now I'm in the hate it mode.

Anonymous said...

Shopping for clothes is not my favorite thing to do.

Michele said...

Oooh, Tempest! You lucky Ducky!
Can I growl a bit at the unfairness of it all? LOL
Thanks for dropping in!!


Dru. THANKS! and Yes - all at on store - and this is not an endorsement, LOL - Payless Shoes.
I hope you had a good Sunday too - mine was OK - read Wicked by L.A. Banks - so I'm not sure if "relaxed" is the right word after all. *grin*
Nice seeing you here!

*snicker* Brandy. Glad you got an LOL out of that one.
And Yep, my DH actually liked ALL the pairs I bought, Even the hot fushia color - which surprised the heck out of me. *grin*


Melissa! Oh, I wish you LOTS of fortitude, stamina and stick-to-itiveness on your diet. What a worthy goal is the RWA. And you're right, sometimes attitude and timing can make or break a shopping experience. I was "hate the clothes shopping" and "love the shoe shopping".
I wonder why? *wink*


Bonnie!! Hi there! I hear you loud and clear. Amazing that most everyone has said the same as you ..."NOT" .LOL

Sometimes I wish there were FREE Personal shoppers out there for us all.
Wouldn't that be nice???

Thanks everyone for stopping by and sharing your opinions!

Michele said...

You know, Bonnie .. I wish there was an "edit" button on this comment box. When I said "NOT", I meant -that is what EVERYONE is saying .. shopping is NOT their favorite thing to do.
I started thinking that maybe that didn't type out right and I got worried.