Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sunny and Share

Sing with me.



This is also a great lead in to follow up on the "Bite My Tongue" post.
The police ID'd the thief!
Seems finger prints DO work! ( I never doubted it, just doubted the possibility of the "perfect" print)
Turns out, the thief is well known. He strikes like a de-fanged cobra - in and out quick and never hits the same place twice. I guess there's a bonanza of targets out there. Anyway, he gets caught, serves a few years, gets out and does it all over again.
I actually feel bad for the guy. I mean, what kind of life is that? That isn't living. But he's made his choices and after ten years, I don't think it's going to change.
I wonder what happened to put him in such a cycle of crime?
The good thing, if you could call it that, is he's a non-violent offender. He doesn't like confrontation. Which makes sense if you remember how I said he was frazzled when the witness came upon him unexpectedly.

All in all ... as Inspecter Clouseau would say, " The case ... is .. Sol-ved." *grin*

It 84 degrees today! What a nice change and LOW humidity. That's always a bonus.

Guess what?
Tomorrow is my 22nd wedding anniversary! Where did the time go?

AND this is my 424th post! Who knew I could blab so much?

I think it's time to celebrate, don't you?


Brandy said...

Happy 22nd Anniversary! And thank goodness they caught the thief! Wow! 424 blog posts! Cool! So are you and hubs doing anything special?

Anonymous said...

that first pic is too damn cute!