Monday, May 21, 2007

Wicked - Fun or Nightmare?

Last night I finished reading Wicked by L. A. Banks.

Is anyone else into this series?

How did you first get hooked if you are?

Me? I found Minion at a library book sale and I've been reading L A Banks ever since.

Is it easy reading for you?

Not me. I actually have to gird my loins to read these books. They are intense not just from the violence standpoint, but religious beliefs too. The concept of Heaven fighting Hell has been around since ... well, the Bible - before it was written.

But L.A. Banks kicks it up a notch by mixing it with the current fashion wave of vampires, werewolves and demons - all bad. Well, like with anything, there are exceptions - like Saul becoming Paul.

This is not a series that you can just jump right in and read any book at any time. You have to read them in order because this is a journey in progress.

I can't even classify this as a romance story. Oh, sure there is romance between Dimali and Carlos - we've been rooting for them for the past five books. In the last book (Damned), they finally, FINALLY get married but as you've read in Wicked - there's no rest for the weary and no calm HEA - the battle rages on.

Once I finished Wicked, I was hyped up, nervous and adrenaline shimmered through my viens. I couldn't go to sleep right away so I zoned out on Solataire until my eyes rolled.

Like I said, this is not a light airy series to read - but the Huntress stories are well written, the story arcs are varied within the main plot and her many characters have shown growth as we've watched them face their worst fears. And witness some incredible miracles - Banks' style.


Now ... please excuse me -I'm going to go watch some Scooby Doo.



Brandy said...

I've tried a few series like this and the violence alone keeps me from enjoying them. BUT, I am glad that you are enjoying them!

And LOVING the Scooby-Doo reference, I adore Scooby!

Mailyn said...

I love her covers, a lot but I've never been interested in the series. Much as I adore vampires this story sounds too boring for me.