Friday, May 11, 2007

The blank mind

Hear the silence.
Is it ever truly silent?
Safe in your house, windows shut, blinds down, TV off.
Is there a void of noise?


The drone of a motor, working to keep your beer and milk just right.
The tiny wail of wind as it gusts through the seals you'd thought locked tight.
The click of your boiler shutting off and turning on
while water drips and pings on the spoon in your sink.

And over it all, silence blasted open and away
roars the sound of a C-5 heading into the day.

Silence no longer reigns, if it ever did.
They say to meditate, you must have a calm and empty mind
How can a mind stay blank surrounded with this din?
Truly, I sat down to update my blog and realized that I had nothing to say. I always have something, don't I?

Yet, I felt empty and blank.

Therefore, I just sat and typed drivel, hoping something would appear. I thought I was surrounded by silence ... the kids gone to school, my not having to rush off to work yet- I believed myself to be mired in feelings of the unispired and undriven. Where was the inspiration?

Then I realized that although there was silence in my mind, I was surrounded by noise.
Birds; morning doves cooing, blue jays shreiking and crows ca-cawing. Listening closer I became aware of the dribble and tinkle from my fish tank, the click of my coffee maker reminding me to imbibe in a second cup of java and now the clickety-clack of my typing this nonsense.

It all started with a blank mind.

Good thing it's a temporary glitch, right?


Brandy said...

Sometimes the lack of family noise is unnerving to us. We are so used to being surrounded by it, we feel as though we will love the peace without everyone for a time, but then faced with it, we are not quite sure what to do!
And you are right. Even without the family around, there is noise in a household.
Anyway, I just wanted to say Hi. And Thank you.

Kate said...

i cherish the times by mind is blank. it's so very rare that i'm not drowning myself out with all the crazy thoughts in my head.