Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fort Phoenix - an Older Memorial

This is the stone walkway alongside the fort that led beneath the dike/retainer wall or harbor wall. This is what lead us to the view of the next picture. It's really beautiful and WOW, are there a lot of rocks. Hard to believe that the ocean could breach such a sturdy fortification.

The second picture is a pier that we saw belonging to a really fancy schmancy house.

What interested ME were the HUNDREDS UPON HUNDREDS of Hermit Crabs that were swimming and communing with the mating horseshoe crabs. I thought they were moving rocks at one point. I mean, I'd never seen so many in one place.

It was the coolest thing and the water was so clear!

Obviously, clear water doesn't mean "safe" water. One of the locals said that the water reclaimation project was meeting success. I guess a few years ago, we wouldn't have been able to see the hermit crabs or horseshoe crabs doing their thing from so far away.

What also amazed me were the people fishing! Young and old, male and female ... they were catching and releasing and having a rousing good time! PCB not withstanding.

Fort Phoenix as seen from the walkway ... or dike that blocked part of the harbor/bay.

The famous placque markers

Nothing like standing in a place where history happened, is there?

What's the most historic place you've ever stood near???

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Brandy said...

I remember seeing the Liberty Bell and trying to reach over and touch it. I've seen Betsy Ross's house and visited Washington and seen the Lincoln Memorial, but the 2 places I've visited that have touched my heart very much, have been the Vietnam Memorial (I cried) and Arlington National Cemetery. (I wasn't that impressed with Mt Vernon, or the Jefferson Memorial.)
I realize that most of these aren't exactly historical, but they are the ones I remember the most. *g*
Thanks for the pictures. They are wonderful and it's interesting to see where others visit.