Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Correction accomplished

Just a quick note here.

If you've ever been curious or bored enough to click on any of my side links to discover what it is that intrigues me enough to permanently save a link, you must have seen my MySpace link.

You would have been thwarted. It never worked.

I've had the link to nowhere for a little over two months. I was extremly frustrated because no matter what I tried, it never, ever worked. The odd thing? The address was perfect. No typo's anywhere, although typo's are a major fault of mine and are effectively embarassing.

I checked the addy again and again.
What to do?
This morning, I played. I was adding even more links when I decided to try , again, to solve the mystery.

I had the two pages up and glanced between the two. Remember your Seseme Street? Which one is not like the others?

I played that, and guess what I discovered! The solving required the removal of a simple "/" -
How flippin' simple!

Seems 99% of links all have that "/" symbol at the very end. I thought it was important - a necessary component of the command.

Turns out, it is superfluous in this situation.

Who'd have thought?

The correction is accomplished, the link is up and I can now continue onto other weird and wonderful paradoxes of life.
In celebration, I will post something for YOU to smile about:

This is the mailbox that authors might wish all their "rejection letters" ended up in.

Nothing to add here, LOL. Have a great day, all.


M.E Ellis said...

LOL @ All Shits!

Cracked me up.


I can now continue onto other weird and wonderful paradoxes of life.

You're so funny!


Gangadhar said...

Lolzzz...very funny..
loved da post,Michele..

Betty S said...

Welcome to the Perilous Adventures in HTML.

Brandy said...

Michele, you're way better at any of this than I am. I tried to add a link the other night, because I took one off, and IT WOULD NOT LINK! *sigh* *hangs head* I guess I'll have to nag the DH until he does it for me. Why is it I can remember the plot and characters to almost everybook I've read, but I cannot do anything to my blog???
I LOVE the mailbox.

CaliMarie said...

LMAO at that mailbox, luv. I find myself in that position a lot, but it's not to receive mail.

P.S. If there's anything you or anyone else needs to know about linking, adding music, etc....I'll be delighted to help with what I can. Just ask and you shall receive.

Bailey Stewart said...

I love the mailbox.

Michele said...

Thanks, M.E.! I have my moments.

Glad you found a chuckle or two, Gangadhar!

You got that right, Betty. Nothing more satisfying than figuring it out for myself though. True, the trying drove me buggy, but HTML sure provides challenges, yes?

Brandy, all it is really, is the powers of OBSERVATION , and being a stubborn goober.
Go to your template, look under the links, see how they are set up ...and copy and paste. But insert your new addy's . Cali said she'd help if you really wanted to know ( THANKS CALI) and I've had others help me here and there. The great thing is, once you figure it out, its a piece of cake, or pie or whatever floats your calories.

Cali, ROTFL!! I had to think about that for a bit --*giggle* Thanks for the shocking visual picture!

Eve, Happy to hear that. I have more..wanna see?