Saturday, May 06, 2006

Zany Saturday!

I felt like chewin' the fat today.
You know - hanging around, talking about nothing in particular, just letting the fingers have their way.

Why did I chose to title today as Zany? Well, I was involved with a two day chat with authors from Ellora's Cave. Have to say, it was an experience. Yahoo has disconnected it's Java Chat Format , so you are left with posting messages. Have to tell you, that is a hard way to keep up. What was Yahoo thinking? Hence, the zany element of the weekend.

You wouldn't believe what I went through to join. I had to join MSN, Then Google, then go back to Yahoo messages since they came back up (you weren't allowed to post messages for awhile and then it kept going on the fritz, but by then everyone kind of stuck with it.) It was more like Follow The Leader, except you had no idea who or where the leader was!

Due to the message type venue, I missed most of the contests because I never had the "mail" addy to send in my answers. Darn. I gave up getting a freebie from an EC author.

Never give up folks! When you least expect a boon, it comes to you from unlikely places.

Now, why am I positive about that?

Glad you asked!

I enjoy visiting the blog: Between the Sheets with the Writer Babes...I have a link to them to your left, somewhere down that line of links. I go there because quite a few of my favorite EC authors are co-authors of that particular blog. There is always something fun to read and they are SO entertaining.

Lo! Today I went to visit and there in brilliant maroon writing is

Winner #2 - Michele

One of my fav's, Shelley Monro - author of the Talking Dog stories - picked my name at random! I won a free e-book! How cool is that?
(AND she's an EC author)

Very cool, actually, from my POV. *grin*

I have to say, for a day that had rain predicted to fall, not only didn't we get rain, but the sun came out and the temperature was higher than forecasted. Yes!

Of course, I spent it doing major housework. That's OK though.
The other glitch is that I was to be a part of ANOTHER chat with a different set of really cool authors, but that one cancelled due to Yahoo's chat disconnection.
So I'm here blogging instead of chatting. *sigh*, I'd been looking forward to that for almost two weeks!

You know what else is zany? A marraige at Sea World where the Best man who gets a kiss, isn't a man at all.

Of course, then there's the fact that summer is around the corner and people are out there trying to get a jump on their tans.

What's so zany about that, you ask? Simple.

Warning: Be aware of your surroundings before you set your tanning space up.

See? Life IS zany.

That's a good thing. I hope your weekend is zany good for you!



Annalee Blysse said...

Baby beluga in the deep blue sea... LOL. Cute pics.

Brandy said...

Love the pictures. Wahoo! For the contest win. Congratulations. Sounds like your day was full of blessings!!

Beth said...

Oh, that tanning picture is too too funny. Sounds like you kept your chin up and attitude just fine throughout zany-ness. That means no bad tan lines on you! :-)

Michele said...

Aren't Belugas cute? I agree, Annalee. I love visiting the sea aquarium .. I always go to their tank. Fascinating creatures.

Thanks, Brandy! Yep, my day WAS full of blessings, you're right.
Thanks for putting it in perspective. I'm happy today.

Beth, glad you liked the pic! and you know what? There are NEVER tan lines on me...burnt and red splotches like a lobster is more like it. LOL Oh, and then I get even MORE freckles, Gah!!

Holly said...

The book win is a bonus. Worth all the yahell you had to go through!

Michele said...

I couldn't agree more, Holly. Thanks for stopping by my humble blog!

Bailey Stewart said...

Winning a book is always a delight (which reminds me - I need to get those mailed *gg*)

Love the pictures. Great view for my break, but now I have to finish the blog line and get back to writing.

Michele said...

That's right Eve! Crack that literary whip! Huzzah!

Diana said...

You're right, Michele...that chat Friday was a bit of a zoo at Google. I'm just glad I got to be a part of it.

Just in case you wanted to read them (shameless promo alert!), I think Dee posted the excerpts I posted over at the Joyfully Reviewed Yahoo group site.

Congrats on your win from Sherri!

Diana Hunter

Michele said...

Thanks, Diana - on many levels!
I'm tickled that you popped on over here to my blog. I appreciate the **shameless** heads-up about the excerpts, always good to know and thanks for posting all that fun reading during the chat. You were really nice and fun to chat with - once I got the hang of it, LOL
It was my first with EC authors. What an adventure! *grin*