Monday, May 08, 2006

It's Up, the interview is up!!

The first half of the interview with Nathan Kamp is up!



Brandy said...

Don't getmad at me but, for a person who is in the business of romance covers, he seems to not know much about the romance genre. I'm glad that he was honest in his answers in what attracted him to his wife.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi, Michele. Thanks for posting about the interview!

You make a great point, Brandy. We're all so separated, which is why I thought it'd be cool to learn about a cover guy. They get so much flack, but really they're just doin their job. Someone else is designing the cover, publishers are agreeing on designs, authors and readers are hepped or groaning about designs...

I thought it was funny that he was surprised romances were as "hot" as they are. And he was reading Edith Layton, who's passionate and wonderful, but not exactly writing Ellora's Cave-type sensuality.

I'm glad you read it, and thanks again, Michele.

Michele said...

!Brandy! - Now why would you think I'd get mad at you? You have a right to your opinion. You also, like Michelle said below you, made a valid point. I noticed that too and I kind of thought it was both funny and sad. Sad to think that he doesn't see the scope of his reach as a cover model - he's too immersed in the tech side to see beyond what he has to do ...kind of like working at a fast food place. You cook, sell and serve it day and and day out, but don't eat there yourself when you are out of the work place. I believe that experience (my own actually) is akin to what Nathan deals with. The funny part comes in because he's a guy that puts himself in a position of being "lusted after", but has no idea as to the strength of writing that feeds into that image. That it is HIS image, must totally perplex him.
We aren't Victorian young misses anymore. We Are Woman - Hear Us Purr, Hiss and watch us Pounce!!! ?WOOT!
(notice I didn't use "roar", that denotes anger - and that's the LAST thing I feel when I see NK on romance book covers, *wink*)

Michele said...

Hi There, Michelle B!
You are quite welcome.
I did enjoy the first half of the interview and eagerly look forward to the finale.

I agree, Brandy made an excellent observation.

I've never even heard of Edith Layton - should I read her?

Thanks for stopping by Michelle. Always a pleasure.