Friday, May 26, 2006


Thank you so much to everyone who shared their own stories of nightmares from their childhood bedrooms.

Many were truly amazing!

FYI - going on blog hiatus until after the holiday. I'll miss cruising and commenting on your blogs. I hope you'll miss me too - just a teeny bit.

Since I'm going to be busy, I thought I'd leave some visual aides to engage your thoughts.


OH! I have to mention this. In my travels today I had two elements of wildlife run across the road in front of my car. One was a frog - good sized one too ( and yes, it hopped, not ran.) The second was the most amazing because in all of my 40 years, I've never had happen what I had today happen. A Black Bear ran in front of my car!!!!!!
Is that cool or what? Woot!

Have a relaxing weekend everyone!!


Bailey Stewart said...

Oh I love these, especially the cat ones. Have a relaxing time.

Brandy said...

These are great. I second Eve, love the kitty ones. Daughter asked me if the Slow Down or Die was a joke? I told her no clue, but it's apt in some instances. Have a Wonderful weekend/holiday!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL }:)

Have a great weekend, Michele!

M.E Ellis said...

Ha at the cat in the turban!


Betty S said...

LOL Great photos. Have a good weekend.

Judson Knight said...

Lots of cute pictures that make us all smile--as usual. Hope you're having a great holiday weekend, Michele!

Annalee Blysse said...

Great pics.... hope you had a great holiday!

Michele said...

Hi! I'm Back,
Eve, Brandy, Bonnie, M.E., Betty and Judson.!
I'm so glad to read that you enjoyed the kitty pics. I was thrilled when I found the cats. I'd been saving them for the "right occasion" .

Yes, I had a good weekend. Great, in fact. Now I have to find a way to develop my pictures and see if I can get them on disc so I can transfer them onto my computer to share with you. I was SO inspired. Got to tour The Battleship Massachusetts.
The weather was divine - although humid. Glad to be back home though. I'm looking forward to sharing my weekend with y'all.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Bailey Stewart said...

Welcome Back!

Anonymous said...

Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!

Anonymous said...

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