Sunday, May 07, 2006

Dare you answer this Question?

I've mentioned it.
I've hinted at it.
Now, I am going to outright ASK it.


Mine was Roger "Race" Bannon from the Original series of Jonny Quest. He was the alpha male Body Guard that protected 11 yr old Jonny. I was not even a full year old when this animated series aired. Didn't stop me though. Even back then I knew what I liked. OLDER MEN, LOL!
But that's another story. *grin*

(L)Race in 1964 - Hubba Hubba (R) Race 1996 - WTH? What did they give him? Estrogen??

The one thing that the original Race was not, was P.C.
His form was nice and tight, even back then!

Race Bannon.

A man good with his hands, not just his mind.

Now, it's

Your turn!

Don't be shy.


Annalee Blysse said...

Shaggy. I always thought Fred (that right?) was a little too preppie. Of course, that word wasn't invented when I thought that. LOL.

Michele said...

Shaggy? Wow, Annalee! I never saw him in a romanctic light - but I was always amazed at the fact he could whip up a disguise out of thin air. He was more magnificent than David Copperfield!

Brandy said...

Hmmm, I'll have to think on this one. I grew up with He-Man, Thundercats, the Transformers, and Scooby-Doo. To be honest I don't remember having a crush on any of them. I did wish I had Scooby for a dog, though.

Anonymous said...

I used to watch G-Force when I was grade school ;)

Michele said...

He-Man sounds like he "could" be a contender. LOL
Scooby is cool though, Brandy.

Hey, Bonnie! I did too! I used to watch it right before the bus would come. Awesome!

Kelli McBride said...

I have to admit that I really liked Tigra on the THUNDERCATS; however, I will also admit, I was a freshman in college, so that hardly counts as my first.

Hmm. Probably either Aqua Man on the Justice League or Will from Land of the Lost, though technically, that wasn't a cartoon. And I can't forget Peter Parker, Spider-Man!

Bailey Stewart said...

I loved the original Johnny Quest - and Race was Bebo's crush. Me? I don't know, maybe Spiderman.

Michele said...

Hi Kelli! Oh, I can't turn my back on Will from LofL. Heh, does that count as the first LOST??? Anyway, I liked him too! But I have to limit myself to my first, otherwise this post would have been flooded with my juvenile hotties,LOL!
Thanks for sharing!

Oooh, Eve, I wish Bebo could have stopped by and shared what she liked best about Race..that wouldn've been cool. *grin*
Spiderman, hmmm? One things for sure, the theme music was snappy!!
Thanks for playing!

Gregg said...

Annalee- Shaggy? Really? I always imagined that he would smell bad. You know, kinda like weed and body odor ;-)

Jessica Rabbitt was pretty hot for a toon.

Michele said...

Hey Gregg! Long time no see! Thanks for coming by to play.
LOL re: Shaggy. You forgot to add his bad eating habits, *VBG*

As for Jessica Rabbitt, yeah, you're right, she was drawn pretty impressively if memory serves. Great contribution. Thanks!

Bailey Stewart said...

But she wasn't naughty - just drawn that way. *gg*

Bebo said...

Hey Michele, Eve said you wanted to know what I liked about Race Bannon - original, not the PC version (ick).
I loved the fact that he's the one who took control when there was a problem of any kind, and he didn't back down from ANYTHING. He could kick anybody's ass (and did!). Great hands, great practical mind, and a terrific bod. Okay maybe I didn't think that last bit when I was 10, but I still knew Race was the go-to-guy. And he could drive (fly, ride) ANYTHING. I sooooo wanted to be Race Bannon's Girl!

Michele said...

Thank you SO much for stopping by to reminince about Race!
Definitely the ORIGINAL!
You pretty much covered all his highlights! Wouldn't you say, that as a first "crush" , that instictively we hankered after the Alpha Male? And re: his "girl friend" Jade ... he liked his women with an edge. I very much wanted to be a lady with edge.
Someone who could entice a manly man like him. Hard to get, but once "gotten", impossible to forget, or resist .... like a moth to our flame .... combustible. He was the Go-To guy and I was his Come to me-girl.Yep, all that from animation. Wow!
*sigh* the memories.
Thanks, Bebo!!!!

bebo said...

Michele: Yep, I always wanted to be a girl w/ "edge" too! Finally found books w/ an edgy woman character that back in the 60's was considered the "female James Bond" - Modesty Blaise. You'll have to look her up, I forget who the (male!) author was, but the books were a hoot!
Unfortunately over the years my edge has gotten a bit dull. Oh well, those were the days.

Jordan Summers said...

I had a crush on the 'video' game hero in Prince of Persia. I also thought a couple of characters in Cowboy Beebop were cute. LOL! Sad, I know.

Michele said...

LOL, Bebo! I think all of us get our edges dulled with age.
We may not be sharp, but we have a nice glowing patina that, like wine, improves and increases value with age. Our joints may crack and pop a bit more, but hey, All Classy joints do. (OK bad pun, sorry)

Hello Jordon! **big wave**
Thanks for coming over to play.
Wow, Prince of Persia? Nope, not sad, and Cowboy BeBop, was he the one with the big gun and the rather large do of black hair? Both are very intense characters. No wonder you liked them! *wink*

Michele said...

Oh! Eve.... I remember that line!

Jill said...

I'm late to the party AND I can't remember the name of the kid I had a crush on. Johnny? He raced a car ...

Michele said...

Jill, it's never too late to have fun!
He raced a car? I don't know.I hope other visitors might know. Sure it wasn't speed racer? Seems to be a popular choice.
Thanks for visiting, Jill!!

M.E Ellis said...

I have no idea what anine is so I'm going to blag it and take it you mean cartoon guys.

Got to be Fred from Scooby Doo.


Michele said...

You are right, M.E., anime IS animated cartoons.

Since the explosion of Japanese cartoons, everyone has shortened the name and simply refer to all cartoons as "anime", although lately, the buzz seems to include something called MANGA.

Fred, Hmmm? Good choice. Always did have a tight ascot..*giggle*..