Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I've been tagged by Annalee with the 6 meme

Thanks Annalee!
She got tagged first. Check out Annalee's 6 Meme

I guess I'm supposed to tell you six things about me. I'm assuming the weirder, the better?
Of any of you who have visited my blog on a semi regular basis (thank you) I kinda think you know a whole bunch of my wierdness anyway.

1) I'm a book-a-holic. I cannot pass a tag sale without checking for more books. Doesn't matter if I already have a huge TBR pile. It's never big enough. I visit my library's book sale, held twice a year, more than a few times during the sale. I have a wonderful acquaintance who owns/runs a USB. Visit her twice a year and buy there. Walmart is my favorite place to haunt when it comes to new issues by my favorite authors. Ebooks are my latest fix with Romantica being the newest addition of interests. I'm a regular at my library, borrowing books from there as well as digital editions via the library internet catalog. I've got it all covered. I think. If not. Don't tell me. You'd be doing me a favor, LOL!

2) One of my goals in life is to start a worm farm. Seriously.

3) The best job, the most fun and the fondest memory I have is when I worked as a Video Arcade Attendent. It was at the beginning of the video game boom when technology was exploding. Every week a new innovative design was installed. It was like being paid to play. I was a mean PinPall maintanence tech. And at one of their holiday parties, it was the first time I ever drank enough to feel the "buzz" everyone was always talking about. And played the best awesome kick-ass game of Galaga EVER!! Best part? no hangover,LOL

4) I would love to do these things as least once: bungee jump, jump from a plane, go white water rafting and fly in a jet and have it do rolls! Oh , and go up in a hot air balloon and ride in a helicopter too ! But PUBLISH a Short Story is a biggie ! Can't forget that!

5) I want , at least once, to grow the biggest darned pumpkin in the county and WIN!!!!!!
I want a blue ribbon from something in my garden!! Pumpkins RULE! (and then we eat them)

6) You know what? The sixth thing to know about me is that after blogging for a year, there are a few people that I'd love to meet face to face . People who have not only visited regularly, but have contributed in helping me better understand myself and the world we share. They would be: Brandy, Eve, Annalee, Tanya, C.J., eMMa, Jill, Robin, Judson and Ae . Although they don't visit like before, Bonnie and her sister Jessie were instrumental in my taking the first steps towards my dream of writing. I've had quite a few other wonderful visiters, but those listed have given me more than they can ever know.
In this last and final part of the 6 meme, you need to know that I Appreciate every comment they and others have made. The thing is ... you don't know how much.
During this past year, everyone has been subjected to the silliest of blogs. They've visited me, encouraged me and supported my fledgling writing efforts. You guys are great. Thanks!

So that's 6 things about me.
Who will I tag?
For a change, no one. If you visit, and you haven't done this yet, but are game, go for it!
But Please let me know so I can visit you too!

Happy Day!


Brandy said...

Awwww, I'm touched (not in the head thank you very much). I would love to have a face to face one of these days. You and Eve and some others have actually helped me as well. I see a difference in my life, I feel like I have friends, for the first time in a long time, who aren't just my DH. As for the meme, yeah, I'll do it, so you can run screaming from the wierdness that is ME!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words, Michele :)

On a side note about #4 . . . I'm so NOT with you on the bungee thing {:0

Bailey Stewart said...

Awwww, thanks sweetie - same here.

Worm farm? Okay, now that is weird. LOL

Betty S said...

Hi Michelle,
I'm still not completely up and running. I'm using other people's computers and some functions aren't working well for me, but I'm learning to manage.

My computer is now in good hands, so I have high hopes

Rayke said...

Hey! Thanks for "dropping me a line". (I'm working on my cool-kid slang.)

Anyways, a small story in reguards to number four...

I went to South Padre Island a few summers back with some friends, and we decided to bungee jump. So we did. I had a small pimple on my forehead when we did it, and all the blood rushed up there when I was "dangling" (for lack of a better word), and appearently it popped because when I was getting un-harnassed (for lack of a better word, again) my face was all covered with blood.

Although the attendant said that it was a surprisingly not uncommon, I was totally embarrassed and my friends still won't let me live it down.

That probably wasn't the best story for me to tell considering this is the first comment I have ever left you. Sorry.

And for the record...working on a video game arcade during the early-mid eighties would be the best job ever.

Michele said...

Brandy! you are welcome! And calling me 'friend' is a wonderful compliment, Ditto back at ya!

Bonnie!! I am SO glad you popped in for this entry!.
You're welcome. Your early encouragement is still bearing fruit. Thanks! And LOL on bungee jumping!

LOL, Eve. I had to put something down that was moderatley wierd but truthful. I have the "How-To" book and it is a fascinating suject, really!

Oh Betty! What a pain it must be not to have easy access to a computer. Thank you so much for stopping by and saying "Hi". I hope those 'good hands' work a technical miracle soon!

Hey There, Rayke! Welcome to my humble blog!
Actually, your story made for great reading! There's advice in there that I'm more than willing to take. *grin*
And I'm happy to read your appreciation of my "best job in the world" - amazing how things come full circle. I now can play Galaga in my own home!!! And Time Pilot, and Bosconian and Pole Position ...*sigh* those WERE the days.....
Thanks for stopping by, Rayke!!!

Beth said...

You really are adventurous! I've been white water rafting and fell out just coming into a rapid. I rode the rapid being held by the guide by the scruff of my neck (well, life jacket), with white water just under my nose. I sent my husband and son and "volunteered" to stay home with my little girl. White water and jumping out of planes are the sort of things I wish I wanted to do but don't really.

I get plenty of adrenalin rush just by turning left across traffic on any street!

I think an ant farm would be fun, though!

Michele said...

Ant farm? LOL
I have enough of the little buggers running around my house right now!
I have to say, accidently stepping on one in your bare piggies and getting bit, is NOT so fun....ick

Gangadhar said...

Wow..Michele..very nicely done..especially the last is touchy!!!
And you love bungee jump? too...

I just loved reading dis post,Michele...

take care

Annalee Blysse said...

A worm farm? For fisherman or gardners?

I used to go to a video arcade and play Galaga and Asteroids and Pac Man... poorly.

Publishing the short story voted least likey to result in broken bones by wimpy romance writers. LOL.

I would love to go to the RT conference in Florida and meet readers and more writers. That was fun about going to the RWA conference. It's fun to meet with people that we've been talking to over Internet.