Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What a waste of time

Hello everybody!
You know me,
(at least , I hope so)
I usually pass on regular TV shows.
I hardly EVER talk about them here.
You'll not see me blab about what everyone else does; Survivor, Great Race, those numerous reality TV shows, or any of that untalented and undisciplined schlock.

What I will mention is Armegeddon 10.5. which was " shaking the airwaves" for three nights.
If I got the title wrong - gives you an idea where this little post is heading...

Can we say: Commercial Overload?
Stupid and uninspiring acting?
Predictable story line?
Unrealistic anti-climatic ending?
Emotional distance
and when they did succeed in dragging emotion from me, I wanted to "bitch slap" many of the characters. So much so, that when some of them died, I felt like saying "About time - NEXT!"

What the (%$#%&) were they thinking with all that amateurish camera zooming. I swear, if I were epileptic, I'd have been having my own friggin tremors on the floor. It nigh caused me to toss my cookies or at least cross my eyes in visual distress.
What the hell kind of technique do they call that anyway?????

The ONLY good thing I can mention would be the special effects. They were quite dazzling. Seeing Las Vegas sink into dirt like a acursed pyramid being swallowed by the sands of ancient Egypt , was quite thrilling. There were elements of Dante's Peak (which I love), some from the Night of the Twisters ( in which John Schneider played a dad there too) and that stupid Volcano movie. (OK, I know some people actually liked that movie, but come on! Unrealistic! )

At the end of the three nights, I expected more , perhaps a cerebral and complete exploration of the ramifications of the new fault line?
The fact that the ocean now goes up into Canada - someone explain that to me.
Salt water all the way up?
Can that, theoretically, really happen?
Against Red Hot Lava All The Way UP?
Also to have hot lava so friggin close to nuclear power plants and not have any affect on them, can we accept that?

Another point that I seriously took offense to, was at the end when the MILITARY was supposed to be placing detonators on the gas wells(?) the geologist was telling them to "hurry" with commanding authority. The geologist was telling them to "move out!". (WTH) The geologist was with them supposedly as they set the charges for all 28 of the wells. Why?
EXCUSE ME? Our military demolitions experts train vigourously and thoroughly. They would not need a geologist, to tell them to move out from a helicopter. That's the commanders job. A military guy. That is their role, function and responsibility. Didn't these movie people do their homework? I'm a civilian through and through. Knowing nothing about military procedures it still struck me as being wrong. Inaccurate. Insulting, even.
Anyone want to clarify, correct me and/or educate me in this regard?

I grit my teeth - trying not to be verbally profane in my disappointment. So I'll just say:
Damnit! That ending sucked. Like a lemon in a vaccuum.

*whew* Vent over. See? No fault line on my butt.

Sometimes I just have to humor myself. Guess I'll divert myself with visual acuity.

Gotta love a guy that plays with a big ball.

Gosh, I DO feel better. More like my normal innocent self.

Hope you are having a better day!!!



Brandy said...

I didn't watch the movie, and am very glad I didn't. You're right about the geologist thing. If they didn't need him to tell them which rock layer to set the explosives at, then he wouldn't have been there. Love the signs. The chines one is a hoot!! As for the DUDE? Where have you been hiding him? He would have been a FINE addition to the Tire!!

Michele said...

LOL,Brandy. I just got off the phone with my sister. She feels the same about the same things. She only saw the last two nights, but they irritated her too!

Glad you liked the pics. And.. yep, the dude was originally picked for the Tire, but he had enough clothes on to rate admittance here, *giggle/snort*

Bailey Stewart said...

I don't know - you're the one that sat through three nights of it ... *gg*

BTW - Volcano is one of my favorite movies. I didn't find it that unrealistic. LOL

M.E Ellis said...

LOL @ the pics!


Judson Knight said...

Great critiques, M. Isn't it amazing the crap they try to put over on us from time to time? They all need to go eat some Fu King Chinese and spend a while on the racks at Dick Cleaners, far as I'm concerned.

Michele said...

Oh, Thanks Eve, LOL!
See! I KNEW if I was snarky about Volcano, someone would defend its finer points *gg*

Happy to see you "smile" M.E.!

ROTFL! Judson!
Thank you for your support.
Hey! Great New it!