Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Link to take advantage of

Are you a fledging writer like me?
Are you a collector of knowledge about writing - its ins and outs?

One of "My Favorite Things" is sharing.

I have found so many relevent posts on this wonderful author 's site.
I'm amazed that her blog is not flooded with questions or at least "thanks" for
being willing to put this kind of info out there for all of us - easy access.
She's generous, entertaining and honest.
Her books are wonderful. Heart Mate, Heart Thief, Heart Duel, Guardian of Honor and others .... have you read any?

Her name: Robin D. Owens. If you are knowledge seeker like me .. CLICK HERE

I think you'll be happy you stopped by! Don't forget to check her back posts too. There is a plethora of info just ripe for the mining.


Bailey Stewart said...

Cool, I'll go check it out later. Trying to get through my blogging before nap time. I had an interruption earlier, but I'm down to the "m's"

Anonymous said...

I loved Guardian of Honor :)

Brandy said...

Hey, did you check out Angela Knight's latest blog entry, it's about about writing steamy scenes.

Michele said...

I hope you see something useful when you do, Eve. But make sure you say HI! I don't want her discontinuing her blog - I would miss it greatly!

I hear you, Bonnie! It's a wonderful story. She did a incredible job of worldbuilding,didn't she??

Oh, Brandy, I didn't. Thanks for the heads-up. Will check it out.