Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I'm back

Went on a fantastic holiday weekend trip.
Usually I have pictures to accompany my posts but my digital camera no longer focuses.
I took regular pictures so I'm going to have them developed and transferred to disc. That way I'll be able to share them with you and my family members.
What did I see?
The battleship Masschusetts.
Beautiful ocean vistas.
Young Marines in a flag raising ceremony.
Horseshoe crabs mating - for hours and hours
Jelly fish in their natural habitat

It was exhilarating but I'm glad to be back home.

I usually have pictures to share, but since I don't, I have some back ups to at least bring a Mona Lisa smile to your face.


Oh By The Way, Can someone PLEASE tell me why, oh why do photographers think its sexy to put otherwise viewable hunks in white socks?

Seriously, why is one sock up and the other down? Is there a message in that?

How can socks be so brightly clean and white anyway?

And he's shaved! Everywhere I care to look is shaved.


Does it even matter?

Your thoughts please ...

Because you know what? I feel ....



Brandy said...

NO FAIR PUTTING THE SCORPIAN IN THERE!!!!! Eeeewwwwww. as for the vacation I'm glad you had succh a good time. And the dude in his skivvies with white socks, no clue why they place one sock up and the other scrunched.

Michele said...

I thought a visual non sequitur would be a clever ploy. LOL
I Am naughty,aren't I, Brandy? :-)

And no clue as to the why of the up/down socks? *sigh* , I thought there might've been a hidden meaning there. Hey, did you see Judson's post? Its ....wow.

Thanks for stopping by, Brandy.

Bailey Stewart said...

I had to move the comments box over so it would cover the scorpion - Brandy and I will get you for that. LOL

Sounds like you had fun - there's a couple of things there I would like to see - well, not the crabs mating. *gg*

Maybe they missed a spot shaving his leg so they had to pull up the sock at the last minute to cover it? *g*

Annalee Blysse said...

Welcome home. :)

CaliMarie said...

Shaved skin actually gives one a younger appearance.

And you know how it is in America.

One can never be too young.

I'm current society's middleage...twenty-four.


M.E Ellis said...


Fellow bloggers, I am here to tell you that Michele just loves to torture me! Just when I began to trust her posts again after those bloody horrendous spider ones, she goes and does it to me again.

There I am merrily reading and looking at the pictures, thinking, 'Oh yeah, that guy IS shaved all over, how weird!' and this effing great SPIDER LOOKALIKE pops up underneath.

So THENNNNNN the bloody comment box took ages to load up and all I could see were these horrible legs which made my ears buzz like no one's business, so I had to drag this comment box over the screen to cover the little f**ker up!

Ok. Deep breath. I shall now return to reading your blog with caution.



Bailey Stewart said...

M.E. - I just squint my eyes so that I can barely see and still know what's happening. We will get her for this.

M.E Ellis said...

We'll have to eve!

*Begins to hatch a plan...*


Michele said...

Aw! Come on guys- the widdle scorpion is adorable. Look at his bumpy gun-metal blue shiny exoskeleton- bleached bone white underbelly with tiny toes and a nice ruby red stinger. Very pretty for an anachrid.

I figured this pic was safe, I mean he only has SIX legs instead of eight. *snicker*

*ahem*, if YOU are middle aged, then that makes me ...a hairy ancient crone? Gah! Where's my Nair? My cauldron for Nair! LOL

M.E. and Eve - Uh-oh - should I start worrying?

Thanks, Annalee! Glad to be back. Looking forward to my pics being developed so I can have a few "safe" posts for M.E., Eve and Brandy,

M.E Ellis said...

I didn't look close enough to see all of that scorpions nasty attributes!

I yet again scrolled very fast to get to the comment tab.

Wicked, wicked woman!


Michele said...

Yep, That's me, SD the WD

I have something else waiting in the wings...when you least expect it, *gg* ...

M.E Ellis said...

Oh great!


Gregg said...

My guess is that the white socked, hairless hunk picture is not targeted to your demographic ;-)

Michele said...

Gregg! You crack me up! And you know what? you are SO right about the demographic...but it still is fun to look. *giggle*

M.E. - you're gonna love it!

Anonymous said...

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